Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Zoo + Sushi= The Perfect Saturday

This past weekend I went back to Milwaukee to visit family and friends-okay, really my boyfriend.  But I did see my mom, brother, and some high school friends!  All in all, it was a fabulous weekend.

However, Saturday was an amazing day.  The Milwaukee County Zoo offers every first Saturday of the month (in "off" months) as free zoo days!  You can go to the zoo for the entire day for free and my boyfriend, myself, and several of our friends went this past weekend and had an absolute blast.  It was gorgeous outside-for Wisconsin in November- an amazing 55 degrees and sunny.

Even better than the weather and the classic fun, was the fact that the animals were out and active, something that can be rare in the hot summer months.  I was able to get a few good pictures (some are through glass, thank goodness!)

The gang, minus me, the photographer!

Stunning jaguar, through the glass, but still, so close.

Mufasa.  Well, that's what I called him.  King of the zoo.


These three tigers were the best.  They were all running around and playing with each other, and even throwing around a giant bouncy ball with each other.  Absolutely stunning animals, look at their gigantic  paws!

After the zoo, just Tyler (my boyfriend) and I went to a great sushi restaurant located in the heart of downtown Milwaukee.  Tyler found a great deal on the website, Poggle, which helps you locate drink and food deals in certain cities.  Check and see if your city is on there!

We went to Kiku, an amazing Japanese restaurant.  It has been voted in the top 100 Japanese restaurants in the country, and believe me, they deserve it.  We had amazing veggie rolls for an appetizer, and the New York Maki and the Wisconsin.  The New York was amaaazing, but it was cooked, and neither Tyler or I have ever had real sushi..which was the Wisconsin.  Still delicious, but a little sushi-y for our liking.   However, we had delicious fancy mixed and blended drinks, and ice cream cake for dessert, which we both thoroughly enjoyed!  And still, the adventure of doing something new and exciting-different from our standard Italian or Burger go-to restaurants-was the best part of the entire evening.

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sheila said...

I love how you are the biggest kids there!....fantastic day for the zoo!