Friday, November 11, 2011

It's the Weekend, Time to Do Some Projects!

The weekend is the perfect time to get caught up on homework, laundry, chores, and sleep.  But, it can also be a great time to do some fun DIY projects.  Try these three easy and inexpensive ideas!

1. A pretty trash can!  Seriously!  Well, made into a cute laundry hamper or storage unit.

Instructions, here.
Painting an industrial sized aluminum garbage can can do wonders.

2.  A chalkboard mug.  Such cute and customizable, perfect for gifts.

Go buy some paint and start making these perfect holiday gifts!

3.  A Cute Message Board, perfect for the kitchen!

Instructions here.
So easy; all you need is a picture frame with glass, pretty scrapbooking paper, and erasable markers!

1 comment:

sheila said...

great ideas! love the message board. would make terrific Christmas presents.