Monday, November 28, 2011

Now That Everyone Has Returned From Thanksgiving Break...

I was lucky enough to spend my Thanksgiving break in Florida with my family and boyfriend.  It was sunny and warm, around 80 degrees and gorgeous every single day.  We had an absolute blast; we went to Universal Studios, hung out and laid by the pool all day, went boogie boarding in the ocean, saw a rocket launch to mars, dressed up and went to dinner in Downtown Disney, and saw Cirque du Soleil.   All in all, it was an absolutely fantastic, much needed break from reality.

Universal Studios! Rides and Hogwarts all day!


Tyler (my boyfriend), my sister and brother and I!

Salsa dancing at Bongos in Downtown Disney!

Dressed up and ready to be amazed by Le Nouba!

Hanging out at the beach!

Rocket Launch!

Amazing, so much fun.

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sheila said...

this was SUCH a good time! Thanks for coming!