Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Funniest Book I have Read in a While

I am currently read this book by Mindy Kaling, thanks to a surprise care package from my mom.  As an Office enthusiast, I was excited to start the book.  Kaling is not only an actress on the show, but one of the writers and producers as well.  She is one of the six original writers of the show and one of the writers of the first season, which just so happens to be my absolute favorite season.  The book is about her journey to stardom , her life experiences, and other random information she feels is relevant.  As a graduate of Dartmouth college, her writing is incredible, thus making her book even funnier, if that's even possible.  I highly recommend the book to anyone-even those who do not watch The Office.

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sheila said...

told reese aout...bring to Fla