Friday, November 4, 2011

Three of My Favorite Restaurants in Minneapolis.

I cannot stress enough how much fun being young and carefree in a big city is.  You have no responsibilities (except getting to work, so you are able to fund all the fun events you are planning on doing), and you are free to explore and experience as much as you want!  One of my favorite activities is eating, and going out to new restaurants.  I love food, all types of it, and a fantastic thing about a big city is there are more restaurants then one could ever possibly go to.

There are three places that top my list, and are my go-to if I want a guaranteed good meal at a decent price.

1.  Annie's Parlour.  Located right in the heart of Dinkytown and the University of Minnesota campus, Annie's is a staple to Minneapolis.  Year after year it wins awards for its delish burgers, fries, and malts and shakes.  It has been around-forever- and that is a testament to it's old fashioned style decorations and top of the line burgers and shakes.

2.  Pizza Nea.  Minneapolis, weirdly enough, is the home of Punch Pizza, a neapolitan style pizza, that has won awards from Italy itself for being authentic Italian style pizza.  While delicious itself, I prefer the lesser known, non-chain pizzeria, Pizza Nea, located in Minneapolis' hip neighborhood, Northeast. Their pizza is crispier, and not as "soggy" as some pizzas made in this fashion can get.  They have an absolutely insane amount of options, and their ingredients are fresh and perfectly proportioned.  The prices are totally reasonable, and the amount of food you get is just the right amount.

3.  Wilde Roast, located in the adorable St. Anthony Main, is hands down, one of my favorite restaurants, ever.  It is designed after Oscar Wilde, and the decor inside relfects that completely; peacock paintings, rich colors, and velvet arm chairs.  But even cooler than the awesome decorations is its delicious menu, and beyond Minnesota nice waitstaff.  The menu options are everything from unique appetizers, salads, sandwiches, meatloaf, and flatbread pizzas.  However, each and every menu item has something interesting and delicious about it, and not once going there with friends or family did a person leave unsatisfied or disappointed.  Next time you are in Minneapolis, be sure to check it out!

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sheila said...

well, I can vouch for 2 of these places! de-lish!