Monday, December 5, 2011

I Have a Decision to Make...

I have been asked (after much hinting on my part!) to bring a dish for the first time in my adult life to Christmas at my aunts!  She asked me to bring a dessert, and cannot be more excited!  I have some ideas, but am just not sure what is the best thing to make my cooking debut at my family's holiday celebration. 

The Options:

Reindeer Cupcakes. Recipe here.
I like these because they are so darn cute, but also because they mix salty&sweet!

Peppermint Cookies and Cream Popcorn, recipe here.
I love this as a dish to bring and set out on an end table as a munchy delicious snack, but am not sure if it's right for a "dessert".

Christmas Pretzel Rods...
Classic, but has been done before...should I do a classic?

Santa Hat Cupcakes, recipe here.
This seems like more of a "decoration" emphasis cupcake, but am nervous that it might be too much frosting.. hmm.

Chocolate Cupcakes with Candy Cane Buttercream frosting, recipe here.
This is definitely the front runner; unusual but a Christmas classic, and anything with buttercream in the name is guaranteed to be delicious.  Seem pretty simple to make as well!

Anyways, I definitely have some time to decide and continue browsing, which is half of the fun!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lots Of Things That I Liked Today...

Using an old barn door as a headboard+ simple bedding=my ideal bedroom.  Love the simplicity and uniqueness of this room!

Antipasto Kabobs, awesome recipe here

Transform your attic into the ideal closet. Someday...

Do It Yourself adorable cake stands! Find out how, here.

Glittery nail polish+red lips+smokey eyes.  Hiiiii New Years Eve Make-Up!!

I love this idea for a wedding: buy a bunch of cheap ballet flats or flip flops and display in a cut can.  It allows those guest with painful (but certainly pretty) shoes to get out on the dance floor.  No excuse for anyone to be seated!

Awesome antique Do It Yourself bookshelf, directions here.

My roommate and I have made quick and easy truffles in the past; it is so much fun and they are insanely delicious.  Here are the recipes to five easy and delicious truffle recipes you can make yourself! 

The romantic in me loves this idea for an anniversary gift to youself: Take a picture in the same pose, as you are, on your anniversary.  A great way to see how you have changed and grown together over the years! Love it! 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Now That Everyone Has Returned From Thanksgiving Break...

I was lucky enough to spend my Thanksgiving break in Florida with my family and boyfriend.  It was sunny and warm, around 80 degrees and gorgeous every single day.  We had an absolute blast; we went to Universal Studios, hung out and laid by the pool all day, went boogie boarding in the ocean, saw a rocket launch to mars, dressed up and went to dinner in Downtown Disney, and saw Cirque du Soleil.   All in all, it was an absolutely fantastic, much needed break from reality.

Universal Studios! Rides and Hogwarts all day!


Tyler (my boyfriend), my sister and brother and I!

Salsa dancing at Bongos in Downtown Disney!

Dressed up and ready to be amazed by Le Nouba!

Hanging out at the beach!

Rocket Launch!

Amazing, so much fun.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Let's Talk About Shoes

I recently have discovered my obsession with shoes.  I love big heels, funky colors, and unique patterns.  I don't care that I look absurd when I walk in them.  I just can't seem to stop looking at shoes!

I just want these. No reason besides they are so pretty.

Perfect for late night summer dinners.

So much fun for either dressing up a casual outfit or a night on the town with your girlfriends!

Hiiiii perfect party shoe.

Someday I will own a pair of these iconic red soles.

How perfect are these for a classy, black tie event?

There are so many outfits I have planned around these shoes I can't even begin.