Saturday, November 12, 2011

4 Cool Things I Found While Procrastinating

I love the idea of this: converting a changing table into a serving tray.  Not only is it totally practical, but it looks absolutely adorable.  

A fun and cheap way to make your own popsicles.  All you need to do is pour Capri Sun and sliced fruit into a popsicle mold and freeze!  Yes, I know it's almost winter, but aren't they pretty?

I love this idea for an inexpensive holiday decoration.  Take a plain red candle, add double sided tape in varying levels of thickness, and paint with glitter.  Ends up looking totally festive and fun without the high price tag.  Get the step by step instructions (along with other fun candle crafts!) here.

Dress up glasses for milkshakes, drinks, or milk (for cookies and milk) with chocolate and sprinkles.  Perfect for all the cookies and milk that are eaten during the holidays, but as shown on the here, they are perfect for milkshakes and other fun drinks served at any type of event.


sheila said...

love the changing table idea....and you see those all the time over at st. vinnies and goodwill!

sheila said...

and, i have double sided going to try the candle thing.